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Certificate Course in Adobe Illustrator

Adobe Illustrator Course

The Adobe Illustrator is a professional quality tool for vector graphic designing, and it has got a wide range of applications starting from illustrations, charts, graphs, logos, diagrams, cartoons of real photographs, creating print banners to web graphics and even on online advertisement banners. Though this is a bit complicated program comparable to Photoshop but once you master the tool, then you will enjoy working with it. So to learn the program properly you need to find a reputable academy that teaches you the software all in details starting from scratch


Why Choose Kolkata Web Academy?

1. Well, exactly here comes Kolkata Web Academy a premier academy that offers exclusive training on Adobe Illustrator.

2. We are well known in the industry for conducting live training on the tool all from the basic to advance level of applications.

3. The best thing regarding our training is that we impart the training on the latest version of Adobe Illustrator.

4. Here you will learn all details starting from pattern editing, Gradient Strokes, Image traces, illustrators Panel, to application bars and frame, to using template layers, blob brush sculpture, and many more


Our Adobe Illustrator Courses

Module – 1 [Tour of Adobe Illustrator]
  • Creating Basic Shapes
  • Combining Shapes
  • Creating Blends
  • Editing your Drawing
  • Drawing Straight Lines
  • Painting
  • Scaling and Rotating Objects
  • Using Layers
  • Applying Bitmap Image Filters
  • Creating & Using Symbols
  • Using the Symbolism Tools
  • Adding Type
Module – 2 [The Work Area]
  • Viewing Artwork
  • Using the Illustrator Tools
  • Changing the View of Artwork
  • Working with Palettes
  • Using Context Menus
Module – 3 [Creating Basic Shapes]
  • Setting up the Document
  • Using Basic Shape Tools
  • Drawing the Pencil Shape
  • Drawing the Piece of Stationery
  • Drawing with the Rectangular Grid Tool
  • Decorating the Stationery Border
  • Tips for Drawing Polygons, Spirals, & Stars
  • Painting the Logo
  • Copying and Scaling Shapes
Module - 4 [Painting]
  • Filing with Color
  • Stroking with Color
  • Building a Custom Palette
  • Copying Paint Attributes
  • Copying Appearance Attributes
  • Saturating Colors
  • Painting with Patterns and Gradients
  • Painting with a Pattern Brush


Module - 5 [Drawing with the Pen Tool]
  • Drawing Straight Lines
  • Drawing Curves
  • Editing Curves
  • Finishing the Pear Illustration
Module - 6 [Working with Brushes]
  • Applying Brushes to Paths
  • Using Art Brushes
  • Using Scatter Brushes
  • Changing the Color Attributes of Brushes
  • Using a Fill Color with Brushes
  • Using Calligraphic Brushes
  • Using Pattern Brushes
  • Painting with Symbols
  • Creating Brushes
Module - 7 [Transforming Objects]
  • Scaling Objects
  • Rotating Objects
  • Distorting Objects
  • Shearing Objects
  • Positioning Objects Precisely
  • Reflecting Objects
  • Changing the Perspective
  • Using the Free Transform Tool
  • Working with Symbols
  • Making Multiple Transformations
  • Modifying and Redefining a Symbol
Module - 8 [Working with Type]
  • Adding Type to a Document
  • Sampling Type
  • Changing Character Size
  • Reshaping Text with an Envelope
  • Creating Columns of Type
  • Changing Character Attributes of Placed Text
  • Changing Paragraph Attributes
  • Adjusting the Text Flow
  • Wrapping Type around a Graphic
  • Typing along a Path
  • Creating Type Outlines
  • Creating Type Masks
  • Saving your file for Electronic Distribution
Module - 9 [Blending Shapes & Colors]
  • Creating a Gradient Fill
  • Adjusting the Direction of the Gradient Blend
  • Adding colors to a Gradient
  • Creating Smooth-Color Blends
  • Blending Intermediate Steps
  • Modifying the Blend
  • Combining Blends with Gradients
Module - 10 [Using Appearance Attributes, Styles, & Effects]
  • Using Appearance Attributes
  • Using Live Effects
  • Editing an Effect
  • Using Styles
  • Copying Applying, and Removing Styles and Appearances
Module - 11 [Working with Layers]
  • Creating Layers
  • Moving Objects and Layers
  • Locking Layers
  • Viewing Layers
  • Pasting Layers
  • Creating Clipping Masks
  • Merging Layers
  • Appearance Attributes to Layers
Module - 12 [Creating Airbrush Effects]
  • Setting Smart Guides Preferences
  • Painting with the Mesh Tool
  • Specifying the Number of Mesh Lines
  • Applying Colors to the Mesh
  • Highlighting a Mesh Object
  • Editing Mesh Points
  • Reflecting Mesh Lines
  • Warping a Mesh
  • Applying Transparency to a Mesh
Module - 13 [Drawing Cylinders and Boxes]

Demo Content

Module - 14 [Painting Artwork & Producing Color Separations]
  • Printing: An Overview
  • About Printing Devices
  • About Color
  • Color Management
  • Printing black-and-white proofs
  • Soft-proofing Colors
  • Using the Document info Command
  • Creating color Separations
  • Working with two-color Illustrations
Module - 15 [Practical Training]
  • Print Production
  • Branding & Identity
  • Advertising Design

Adobe Illustrator Course Details

Certificate Course – 2 Months (Once in a Week)
Time Duration – 24 Hours

Eligibility Criteria
Basic Internet Knowledge & MS-Word

Training Process
Online, Classroom, Corporate and On-Campus

Next Batches
Weekends – 24th September,2016(Saturday)

Course Fee
Rs. 10000/- [Installment Facility Available]
Call (0) 97488 – 13455 for more details

Kolkata Web Academy
Grihashree, Ground Floor, 455, Dum Dum Park
South Dum Dum, Kolkata – 700055