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Certificate Course in Web Designing

Web Design Course

Web Designing is very important part of our website. It is the primary communication with the customer with its presentation and navigation because it presents the look and feel of the website to our customer. It builds up the image of the website and the customers visit or spend more time on the website. We provide Web Page design and Website Designing Classes and Training in Institute by Professional designers and experts those who are working in the live projects such as Dreamweaver, Photoshop, DIV, CSS, Flash and other latest technologies using in designing, so that our student get the maximum benefits while learning.


Our web design training program will cover all the major aspects of creating simple and highly complex web designs. When you learn web design with us you will become highly apt in the entire range of web design software packages such as Photoshop layout designing, Dream Weaver and more.


Our Web Design Courses

Module – 1 [Introduction of Web Designing]
  • Introduction Of Web Designing
  • Adobe Photoshop
  • Adobe Dream Weaver
  • Html
  • Cascading Style Sheet
  • Javascript & Jquery Plug-Ins
  • Responsive Web Design
  • Upload Website Using Ftp
Module – 2 [About Web Designing]
  • Web Designing
  • Domain Names And DNS
  • Server And Client Software
  • Static And Dynamic Pages
  • Careers In Web Designing
Module – 3 [Basic Adobe Photoshop]
  • Introduction
  • Photoshop Tools Usage
  • Image Editing Tools
  • Working In Layers, Filters And Effects
  • Adjustments Of Colours
  • Website Layouts Designing
  • Ad Banners Designing
  • Designing Complex Website Layout
  • Conversion Psd To Html
Module – 3 [Basic Adobe Photoshop]

Demo Content

Module - 4 [Adobe Dream Weaver]
  • Introduction
  • Dream Weaver Tools Usage
  • How To Manage The Website With Dream Weaver
  • Using Tables
  • Forms Creation
  • Creating Cascading Style Sheets
  • Adding Content And Multimedia
  • Adobe Dream Weaver Features
Module - 5 [HTML]
  • Introduction
  • Introduction Of  Doctype
  • Elements, Attributes And Values
  • Heading, Paragraph, Blocks, Listing And Formatting
  • Includes Cascading Style Sheets, Scripts
  • Inserting Images
  • Links With Html And Link Paths Explained
  • Creating Tables And Form Design
  • Html Title, Meta Tags, Meta Keywords And Meta Descriptions
  • Developing Website Using Html
Module - 6 [Cascading Style Sheet (CSS)]
  • Introduction To CSS
  • Types Of Style Sheets
  • CSS Properties
  • Applying Styles To Website
  • Creating Table-Less CSS Layouts
  • Advanced CSS Techniques
  • CSS Validation
  • CSS Tips And Tricks
Module - 7 [Javascript & Jquery Plug-Ins]
  • Introduction To Javascript
  • Javascript Examples
  • Using Variables
  • Form Validations
  • How To Use Java Script Objects
  • Introduction Of Jquery Plug-Ins
  • Validation Through Javascript
Module - 8 [Responsive Web Designing]
  • Introduction Of Responsive Web Designing
  • Design A Complete Website Using Responsive Design Method.
  • Html 5 And CSS3
  • New Introducing Tags In Html5
  • Media Queries CSS3
  • Online Testing On Smart Phones, Tablets And Desktop
Module - 9 [Creating Your Website]
  • Understanding The User Requirements
  • Website Maintenance And Customizations
  • Solving Browser Compatibility Issues
  • Designing
  • Color Scheme For Websites
  • Application Of Javascript, Images
Module - 10 [Browser Testing]
  • Various Browser Versions
  • Validating The XHTML & CSS
  • Common Compatibility Issues
  • Online Resources for Common Issues
Module - 11 [Website Hosting and Uploading]
  • Domains Registration Procedure
  • Web Hosting Formalities
  • Using Ftp To Upload A Website
Module - 12 [Web Design Project]
  • Project Requirements
  • Designing A Layout
  • Conversion Of Layout To CSS
  • Adding Flash To Site
  • Adding Form To Site
  • Implementing Java Script
  • Testing The Browser Errors.
  • Uploading The Site To Server
Module - 13 [Pre-Production And Production For Website Designing]
  • Required Softwares For Web Designing
  • Color Theory How To Create Creative Banners?
  • How To Select Appropriate Colors For Websites
  • Web Safe Colors
  • How To Impress The Targeted Audience By Using Creative Banners?
  • Understanding Client Requirements
  • Final Project
  • How To Prepare Client Agreement
Module - 14 [Web Hosting]
  • Web Hosting Basics
  • Types Of Hosting Packages
  • Registering Domains
  • Defining Name Servers
  • Using Control Panel
  • Creating Emails In Cpanel
  • Using Ftp Client
  • Maintaining A Website
Module - 15 [Seo Basics]
  • Initial Site Analysis
  • Competition Analysis
  • Keyword Research
  • Density Analysis And Placement
  • Title & Meta Tags Development
  • Site Structure Analysis
  • Url Renaming/Re-Writing
  • Content Development Check
  • Brief Keyword Competition Review
  • H1, H2, H3 Tags
  • Anchor Text
  • Existing Web Content Optimization
  • Html Validation
  • Creation Of Xml / Html / Ror / Text Sitemaps
  • Submitting Sites To Google And Yahoo Webmasters
  • Canonical / 404 Implementation

Web Design Course Details

Certificate Course – 4 Months (Once in a Week)
Time Duration – 48 Hours

Eligibility Criteria
Basic Internet Knowledge & MS-Word

Training Process
Online, Classroom, Corporate and On-Campus

Next Batches
Weekends – 24th September,2016(Saturday)

Course Fee
Rs. 15000/- [Installment Facility Available]
Call (0) 97488 – 13455 for more details

Kolkata Web Academy
Grihashree, Ground Floor, 455, Dum Dum Park
South Dum Dum, Kolkata – 700055