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Our Share Trading Course curriculum covers market analysis, trading strategies, risk management, and real-time simulations. It provides comprehensive training to enhance your trading skills.

Welcome to Kolkata Web Academy - Share Training Institute

Kolkata Web Academy, Share Trading Institute in Kolkata offers professional stock market classes in Kolkata, available through both digital and non-digital format. Our customized courses cater to all skill levels – beginner, intermediate, or advanced trader. We aim to enhance your knowledge and the result-oriented success in share market trading.

In the ever-changing stock market, investors require hand-holding initially and effective guidance to take decision independently in the stock market. We are dedicated to build awareness about the best investment opportunities in the stock market, guiding participants to create short-term or long-term wealth through informed, target-oriented trading and investment practices.

Our “Master in Trading & Investment” course is one of our most popular programs among the stock market enthusiasts. It provides participants with expert skills in stock analysis and informed investment decision-making, covering various aspects of stock market trading and investment.

Our flexible stock market training classes ensure accessibility and convenience. We customize our strategies to maximize returns relative to the risks you take. We help you develop a trading plan based on a thorough understanding of market trends and your comfort zones. Our forward-thinking mission ensures your investment success across different market spheres, including options, equity, stocks, commodities, and futures.

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Mr. Soumen Jana

Meet Mr. Soumen Jana, an esteemed mentor, trainer, and trader known as the "Chartking" for his exceptional 17-year track record in the stock market. Renowned for his deep expertise in Price Action trading, Mr. Jana has established himself as a leading figure in financial market analysis. His insightful and accurate market predictions have earned him widespread respect and recognition. As a dedicated mentor, he empowers aspiring traders with the knowledge and skills needed to navigate the complexities of trading. His training sessions are celebrated for their clarity and practical application, making advanced concepts accessible to all. Mr. Jana’s approach emphasizes disciplined trading strategies, market psychology, and risk management, ensuring comprehensive learning. His remarkable charting abilities and market insights consistently benefit his followers and clients. For those seeking to excel in the stock market, Mr. Soumen Jana offers invaluable expertise and guidance.

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Why Kolkata Web Academy?

We offer a comprehensive curriculum that covers fundamental and technical analysis, intraday trading strategies, and risk management. Our experienced instructors bring real-world expertise to the classroom, enriching you with the latest information.

About Us

Kolkata Web Academy stands out as a premier training center in Kolkata, specializing hands-on expertise in stock market trading. We offer a comprehensive suite of courses tailored for all experience levels



NISM Equity Derivatives VIII – Mock


Joining Kolkata Web Academy Stock Trading course has been a game-changer for my career. The comprehensive curriculum and practical approach to stock market analysis have equipped me with the skills and confidence to make informed investment decisions. The instructor’s deep knowledge and passion for the subject are truly inspiring.

Mustafir Rahaman

Before joining Kolkata Web Academy, I had little understanding of the stock market and was hesitant to invest. The course has been incredibly enlightening, breaking down complex concepts into easy-to-understand modules. The hands-on practice sessions and real-world examples provided a solid foundation for me to start investing with confidence.

Pradip Dutta

As a small business owner, I wanted to diversify my income streams. Kolkata Web Academy has been a perfect fit for me. The instructor is incredibly knowledgeable and approachable, always willing to answer questions and provide insights. I now feel confident managing my investments and planning for the future. Now getting positive returns on Investments.

Dibyendu Mondal

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